Anastasia Kostenko boasted a figure in a sexy bodysuit

Анастасия Костенко похвасталась фигурой в сексуальном боди 23-year-old fiancee of Dmitry Tarasov showed gorgeous form. Anastasia Kostenko was published in the microblog photo, which poses in short tight dress. Followers were delighted with the picture.
Анастасия Костенко похвасталась фигурой в сексуальном боди

Girlfriend of midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia Kostenko rarely indulges followers candid photos. The girl often puts the social network combines frames with your friends and family or a cute selfie. But, deciding to treat fans, the beauty showed toned body in all its glory. The model posted on Instagram a picture where the photographer posing in sexy bodysuit bright blue color. Dmitry Tarasov told about the marriage contract with Anastasia Kostenko

Followers of Anastasia, seeing an unusual for your favorite photo, hurried to write under the post your comments. Some followers have admitted that did not expect from the idol in a candid shot. Others on the contrary, praised Kostenko for his courage and excellent physique. Fans noted an elegant shape girls, flat tummy and tight buttocks.

“You’re beautiful!”, “Cool photo!”, “This sun! Just Like Angelina Jolie! Even better!” “Do not cease to admire! Refined and very feminine!”, “Finally, the figure in the tape. There is something to see – all beautiful, all harmonious, all the place” “Oh, thought it was the wife of the Pasha of Will Laysan utiasheva”, “nice form you have. What you just have. Uploaded butt, arms, legs. Everything is beautiful and harmonious. Well done!” – wrote fans.

No wonder Kostenko is in great shape, because she told me that she pays special attention to personal care, sports and nutrition. Despite the fact that Nastya is sometimes allows some weaknesses in the form of junk food, normal diet model are a healthy food. Besides, brunette is not shy to spread in a social network the photos with fast food, confessing that can prevent your menu high-calorie meals if you want to do sports. In addition to regular workouts, Kostenko was once involved in Boxing, fitness, ballet and dancing.

“I easily enrolled in the Stavropol regional College of arts, Department of “Folk choreographic art.” Last year I abruptly changed my mind – decided that the ballet is closer to me and transferred to his native Rostov-on-branch “Art of ballet”. Choreographers reacted to everything with understanding and gave a green light to graduate from one of the best schools in the South of Russia”, – said beauty subscribers.