Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov threw all inhibitions

Анастасия Костенко и Дмитрий Тарасов отбросили все запреты Footballer and model has indulged himself. Anastasia Kostenko admitted that he sometimes allows himself to eat burgers and fries. Dmitry Tarasov went to the sweetheart and also joined the feast.
Анастасия Костенко и Дмитрий Тарасов отбросили все запреты

Footballer Dmitry Tarasov and model Anastasia Kostenko is not tired to please fans of the joint images. Recently they have ceased to hide the affair from the public at large and now their microblogging filled with frames on which they are posing together.

The second Vice-miss Russia has published a new photo where she is depicted together with the chosen one in one of the fast food. On the tray lay a few burgers, French fries, fried pies, and drinks. The girl admitted that he sometimes indulges himself fast food. The athlete also decided to share a meal with your beloved and for a while forget about correct nourishment.

“Briefly about how they manage to be slim. I love is simple: a cheeseburger and fries. Sometimes even a latte,” – said Kostenko.

Fans of the Anastasia was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the model also has a weakness for burgers and not torturing your body with strict diets for the sake of orderliness. “Enjoy your meal. So cool in the photo. Good for you,” “Anastasia, you’re so skinny, and you eat bread?”, “Yummy. So too love. Handsome you,” wrote a follower.

Dmitry Tarasov also commented on the publication of beloved. He publicly confessed her ardent feelings. “I still love you, and you?” – wrote player. Anastasia did not hesitate to answer and admitted that she loves him, too. This model is also entered into correspondence with fans and answered their questions.

Followers Kostenko is very grateful to her because she often tells them about his life, but also shares interesting facts of the biography. Some believe that she used the services of plastic surgeons to achieve the perfect appearance. Anastasia recently reported that previously suffered from swelling lips. Anastasia Kostenko showed how to make beauty shots

“In the childhood I very much disliked when I called guboshlep. Almost all the children’s photos the lower lip is preloaded to the maximum as they cracked from dryness, even though my mother and I were forced to carry with them to school higienico. Remember, there were sweets in the pharmacy in colorful bottles with a taste of Apple, cherries, grapes and melons?” – recalls the model of the past.