Anastasia Kostenko admired the picture of his mom in bikini

Анастасия Костенко восхитила фотографией мамы в бикини
The beauty of the wife of Dmitry Tarasov went to the mother.

Photo: Instagram

The other day mother-in-law of Dmitry Tarasov celebrated his birthday. In honor of this event znamenatelnih Anastasia Kostenko wrote a touching post on social networks:

“Exactly 43 years ago was born the most expensive woman in our family — Victoria. My Mom, my valued friend, adviser and mistress of all trades. All of our recent conversations carry only a positive message, what else is needed for the mother if her children are happy?! Let my sisters and brother always delight you with great news, progress and care! Be always healthy, full of optimism, spoiled by the idyllic and full of energy. We love you very much!”

Kostenko posted in a personal blog a photo from a holiday in Dubai, where her mother posing for the camera in a swimsuit. Victoria looks so good that mother and daughter could easily have been mistaken for sisters, the elder and the younger. Victoria quite early by modern standards, gave birth to a future model in 20 years. And its true age “issues” are only excess weight, but it can be explained, because Victoria gave birth to four (!) children that solved not every Russian woman.

Interestingly, before some fans Kostenko (detractors Buzova) noted that Victoria looks the same age as 32-year-old Olga, ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov. The reason for this is probably too bright makeup and aggressive style of behavior Buzova. Everyone knows that dark visually adds age. I remembered the suspicion that, say, Olga Buzova too fond of anti-aging treatments, because of which half of the face of the presenter is almost devoid of facial expressions. It also does not add youth, though, and removes even the finest wrinkles.