Anastasia Kochetkova told the scandalous truth about the divorce Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili

Анастасия Кочеткова рассказала скандальную правду о разводе Михалковой и Гигинеишвили
The first wife of film Director explained why the marriage resolution and Hope broke up.

Анастасия Кочеткова рассказала скандальную правду о разводе Михалковой и Гигинеишвили

Anastasia Kochetkova

Photo: Maxim Shemetov/TASS

Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili

Photo: Elena Sukhova

In October last year, Rezo Gigineishvili and Nadezhda Mikhalkova
announced the divorce after seven years of marriage. First wife of Director Anastasia Kochetkova sure that in the case of the actress triggered a “boomerang law”. About this singer said in an exclusive interview
magazine “Caravan of stories”.

remained the same. He remembered how more than once caught Rezo lying, as foreign women,
one of which name was Nadia, continued to send him love messages. As
already all knowing, saw, Gigineishvili with Mikhalkov and with a smile she handed it to me
hand friendly so, not feeling guilty about it… — says
Kochetkova. — When Rezo had left me and married Mikhalkova, I don’t want them
evil is the truth. But was always sure that someone else’s grief happiness is not
build. And knowing that they got divorced, not surprised. There is a law of the boomerang, it
has not been canceled: all the tears that’s your fault cried out another man,
definitely will come back to you.

Americans have the expression What goes around
comes around, which in Russian can be translated “As the call, so the echo.”
Of course, I will not condole Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili. But joy is not
feel rather sorry. Still, they have two children. However, if you are
managed and love has passed, no children family will not save. Nadia was also quite
young when you married Rezo married. But I grew from parents learned
truth: you can not hurt people! If you were doing bad things and it never came back,
even died in prosperity, do not forget that children come after they
be sure to pay your debts. This also applies to kindness, which are at the
life, may it not come back to you — will be rewarded descendants. I adhere to
principle: don’t take the last piece of bread and don’t put no one spoke in the wheel
as is customary in show business. Because I’m sure it will speak to me or my
daughter, or her children.”