Anastasia Kalmanovich was horrified by the brutal tattoo

Анастасия Калманович ужаснула брутальной татуировкой Music producer decided on a serious step. The woman dared to prick on the body of the large picture. The photo from the specialized salon Anastasia Kalmanovich shared in the microblog.

      The wife of the famous DJ Fedor Fomin shocked followers “Instagram” unexpected snapshot. Beauty published the picture, which poses together with the tattoo artist, pulling the camera arm. Under the film see the figure of impressive size from the elbow to the wrist. Those tattoos are called “sleeve”.

      Judging by the happy smile Nastya, she was very pleased with the result of many hours of work by the artist. The star wrote in a microblog post with words of gratitude and admiration to a specialist. Made his confession blonde very ambiguous phrase: “only the beginning”. Some followers wondered what it says is their favorite and what has caused this sudden decision to get the tattoo.

      Wanting to know the reasons why subscribers left comments on Instagram women. Some did not share her joy and said that she didn’t have to paint the body, because the tattoo on the hand Kalmanovich and now will remain forever. The other part of fans on the contrary, was supported by Anastasia. Users of the social network noted that the wife of Fyodor Fomin is a tattoo and do not regret. “Anastasia, you look so beautiful”, “Cuuuuteee!”, “Definitely, all only begins!” “Cool,” “Anastasia, watch your metamorphosis! You’re power!” “You are such a beautiful woman, Anastasia,” compliments of the star fans.

      Apparently, to get a tattoo as a music producer has pushed the desire to capture some important moment the life of a long memory. Celebrity even personally argued it is in correspondence with subscribers in the comments of his microblog. “Yeah, I just live here and now”, written by Kalmanovich.

      It is interesting that the famous blonde is always trying to keep up with latest fashion trends. She carefully monitors the health and appearance. By the way, a few weeks ago, 44-year-old Anastasia turned to star plastic surgeon Andrew Iskornev. Man held for popular client has a number of cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation. After medical intervention, many subscribers saw the result of the transformation. Anastasia Kalmanovich was 10 years younger