Анастасия Волочкова ждет возвращения Цискаридзе в Большой театр

Anastasia did not return from Turkey, as she was overwhelmed with the situation with the dismissal of Bolshoi theatre Director Anatoly Iksanov. Reporters rushed to Nastya for comment, and the poor thing was taken aback. “The number of journalists and interview today about the resignation of Iksanova shocked me…Not yet back…” she complained in Instagram.

However, the dancer honestly told you everything what he thinks about the resignation of the man she considers the root of all evils and troubles that took place with the theater. “All these 13 years, we witnessed the destruction of a Large theatre-like structure as a whole, and the main creative part of our country, she said. — Iksanov has brought the first theater in the country to such a situation, when there reigned chaos, corruption and crime. Anatoly Gennadyevich constantly to settle scores with the artists instead of do their job. Ten years ago, a hostage situation was I when he was just told to remove Volochkova from the theater. Then Iksanov very honestly completed the order. Ten years ago I found the strength and sued the Director of the theater. I won the case, but nevertheless, over the ten years I danced at the Bolshoi theatre no play”.

Volochkova still recalls with horror the persecution that had been suffered, escort services dealt with a young ballerina forced, and other mayhem. “At that time, for example, beat of my partners had refused to sign a libelous letter against me. Ten years later, we saw a similar situation where Iksanov was forced to sign all those letters against Kolya Tsiskaridze. Everything that relates to cutting money for theatrical productions, the reconstruction of the theatre, when it was stolen huge sums from the budget — it all happened before our eyes. But most importantly, all this was out of my hands Iksanova”.

The new Director of the Bolshoi theater Vladimir Urin Volochkova approved. “Vladimir G. Urin I know personally. Ten years ago, when Iksanov fired me, I was denied passage not only in the theater itself, but in the ballet hall, where I could maintain my form. And the theater Nemirovich-Danchenko me hospitably sheltered for all these ten years, so I saw inside the creative process that took place in the theatre under the management of Urine. He has created a delightfully friendly atmosphere. So I want to believe that the same could happen in a Large theater.”

Ballerina hopes that the new Director will return to the walls of the Great talented people — and, of course, dismissed out of Nikolai Tsiskaridze. “Nick — a man whose place in the Bolshoi theatre and as an actor, because he is a great dancer with his name, and his lifestyle, with a beautiful form, and as a professional educator who could share his experience with budding artists. Iksanov, the theatre depriving such people as Nikolai Tsiskaridze, no one is not invited alternatively, simply because there is no alternative. And, of course, If a place at the Bolshoi theatre in any capacity: as an artist, as a person, as a teacher, perhaps as a creative Director.”

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