Anastasia is preparing for a new theatre project

Анастасия Волочкова готовится к новому театральному проекту
The artist found support in the face of the theatrical artist Boris Lysikov.

Anastasia and Boris Lysikov

Photo: @volochkova_art Instagram Anastasia Volochkova

Not had time to subside scandal
erupted around the participation of Anastasia Volochkova in the theatrical production of “School
of modern drama” — “a man Came to the woman,” as it became known: the artist
already discussing new entreprise!

Shared the news
Anastasia herself at itself in a microblog. “Great theater artist
Boris Lysikov discussing my repertory. This artist was at
the origins of theatre #shsp… But…It suffered the same fate as many… And now
he is a free artist. Independence and the ability
to confront injustice and rudeness have always been my principle.
— said Volochkova.

Recall that what
Volochkova was embroiled in scandal because of her work in “the School of modern
pieces”, where she played in a production of “a man Came to the woman.” Her partner
on the stage was the actor Saeed Bugs. However, after almost 3 weeks after the premiere
staging Director Joseph Raihelgauz decided that between Volochkova and Baguim no
the desired harmony. Anastasia was offered a new partner only two days before
of the play than she was extremely outraged. The ballerina continued to insist
in the speech, the audience initially stated in the poster. As a result, the next
performances with the participation of Anastasia have been cancelled. It all led to what is now
work Volochkova in the budgetary institutions of culture can be suspended for
three years. Anastasia herself hope for a good outcome of the situation.

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