Anastasia is mired in debt from ex-spouse

Анастасия Волочкова погрязла в долгах из-за экс-супруга The celebrity said that a few years ago, ex-husband Igor Vdovin took her 3 million dollars and still not returned. The ballerina is forced largely to indulge and a daughter. However, she does not regret the act, after all, rescued a loved one from a difficult situation.
Анастасия Волочкова погрязла в долгах из-за экс-супруга

Anastasia openly talked about their financial difficulties. As if the dancer did not try to count every penny and spend money wisely, its financial position is not improving. And this began with the story that got her into it a few years ago, former spouse Igor Vdovin. When the star was on tour he called and asked for a loan, nor a little – or a lot – three million dollars. The dancer immediately ordered the assistants to withdraw money from deposits.

“How could I do? If my daughter’s father told me that everything will be fine, I got the cash back. Otherwise I will put you in jail. And I pulled the money from deposits that I had been saving all his life”, – said Anastasia.

When the debtor realized that the return amount will be hard, he suggested his wife to make a deal. He would give the money to the extent possible, but shall contain a celebrity and their daughter, covering all their expenses. Vdovin promised to buy groceries, pay rent, utilities, driver. Now a celebrity indulges largely because their former beloved did not keep his word.

“In this house lives the daughter of this man. We need to have something, to buy something, always need to make some investments,” added Anastasia.

Close to my heart took prima ballet refusal of the ex-spouse in the contents of the car. First she stopped to pay the driver, and then repair and. Anastasia, which is not demanded in excess of the terms husband and nothing more, crying, remembering this episode.

“His assistant has refused to maintenance of the machine. Then I asked: “Who will need our daughter, if I wreck this car? You?” asked a celebrity.

Today Volochkova has accumulated a large debt for utility payments. Their promises Vdovin did not keep. Worst of all becomes a celebrity when she realizes that his new family can provide a rich businessman’s life, and daughter Ariadne could not pay for Tutors.

“A million rubles a month I spend on home, on your team. Debt for communal house is only growing. Now this amount is more than 137 thousand rubles. There are arrears of wages to employees. Only recently scraped together money to pay people their work”, – said Volochkova in the program “You wouldn’t believe” on NTV.