Анастасия Волочкова: «Я это все делаю не ради пиара»
Ballerina appeared in public with another scandal.



The name Anastasia Volochkova long been associated not with ballet, as with the scandals and shocking. For several months the artist in all
the interview talks about the terrible incident that happened at her with another driver. Volochkova
even went to the show “Let them say” to see my abuser

“I haven’t really been on the First channel in the program “Let them talk”. And I long to decide how to respond
for the next invitation. And my visit on TV, believe me, not done for the sake
PR. I want to show the country a terrible person, a cheater, swindler,
deceiver. And his name is Alexander Skirtach, — says the ballerina. — You know what it
the wife of his mentor in “good” deeds with a friend-a blogger being bullied
me, is preparing another deception, reveal the “truth”. Know graze
and here in a variety of zero accounts. So. Whatever you do, and the truth — here it is. People not only have buried alive the mother who threw children, the sick girl,
punished and made homeless. Anyone else have a desire to protect him? And the fact that there are fans to ride on my name
to slander me and vilify, I know — and I meet people openly.
Invent your tales and read at night.”

We will remind, Anastasia Volochkova filed
law enforcement on her former driver. The ballerina says that
assistant robbed her for a few million. The star wants his money
back and ready to settle, if the defendant pleads guilty and will return
all of the loot. “Today I filed a complaint with investigating authorities on
Skirtach Alexander, who worked as a driver from April 2016 to may 2017. I
want formal structures encouraged him to justice. Ready
open to meet with former driver when he will apologize and will return
money, and apologize to his mother, which he allegedly buried 25 Mar
of the current year. But the funeral was. And people he took money from me for the funeral,
went with one of the wives in the sauna and a restaurant. The height of cynicism!” — said the 41-year-old
Anastasia. The star of the ballet was often trusted the driver to get the fees for it
presentations and take them to the Bank. The money Alexander, as it turned out, was appropriated.
“I came yesterday the driver, which allegedly was said to Sasha, he served in
Chechnya. And it turns out that nowhere Alexander served! This man I trusted
to get money for my performances and take them to the Bank. It turned out that Sasha
took them myself. He stole money from me, millions!” — said Anastasia.

By the way, telling about the incident, Volochkova
hinted that between her and the driver was a very close relationship. So she
it’s doubly difficult going through the pain of betrayal. “You love a person, then it
betrays you, and you realize that you’re loved, you believed, you trusted and
shared by all, but it is a bubble,” he complained Volochkova.