Anastasia handed daughter “adult” gift

Анастасия Волочкова вручила дочери «взрослый» подарок This week the daughter of a ballet star finished elementary school. Ariadne Volochkova received excellent grades, so mom decided to surprise her with a mountain of gifts, but the most valuable of all was gyrometer, which the girl had long dreamed of.

      Анастасия Волочкова вручила дочери «взрослый» подарок

      This week Ariadne Volochkova graduated from elementary school. Daughter ballet stars are carefully prepared for your prom. The girl curled the hair and put on eye shadow. Anastasia amazed how quickly grew Arish.

      In the evening in the linguistic gymnasium of the Odintsovo daughter Volochkova performed the number. “Ariadne sang the graduation song “angel”. It was a very touching evening. Honestly, had tears in his eyes”, – said the ballerina.

      After a holiday at the school the girl was waiting for a home celebration and a cake with the inscription “Beloved Arish from mom.” But most of all my daughter was delighted the many gifts that she gave Anastasia. Adults and the most valuable present for Ariadne was gyrometer. This vehicle, which works by dynamically balancing with the help of electric motor. Gyrometer can move both forward and backward.

      Anastasia posted a photo along with her daughter and new means of transport in his microblog.

      “For excellence Arisha I decided to give her gyrometer that she chose. And now she ride it even around the house”, – has signed a frame Volochkova.

      Arisha also handed a packet with the inscription “Anastasia”, which were new beautiful outfits. Fans of the ballerina repeatedly noted, what a charming heiress is growing have ballerina. “Extraordinary girl! Very beautiful and talented”, “you Have a wonderful daughter.”, “A cool gift! Arish was lucky with my mother”, – wrote Volochkova subscribers.

      Ariadne is very similar to the mother. From an early age daughter Anastasia began performing on stage. The heiress Volochkova sings and learns to play the piano. Arisha has a personal website and Instagram, where she posts videos with his participation. Very soon the pages of girls in social networks will become as popular as Twitter with her famous mom. Anastasia tries to spend all free time daughter. According to the ballerina, in their family had developed a very trusting relationship, these volumes can be secretive, and they have no secrets from each other.

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