Анастасия Гребенкина нашла потерянные семейные драгоценности
The famous skater took part in a high-profile investigation.

Anastasia Grebenkina

Photo: Personal archive figure skater

participation in the television project “Sherlock” Anastasia Grebenkina opened
deductive talent and found stolen 30 years ago, the family jewels.

To do
investigation of the old tangled family Affairs the skater has decided to use
professional private investigator. However, the athlete participated in the
a direct part. Your detective skills she discovered during
the filming of the project channel TV-3 “Sherlock”. Thanks to them, the skater could find
it seemed irretrievably lost family heirloom — vintage earrings
my great-grandmother. Value disappeared almost 30 years ago. And all these years the family
Grebenkina had suspicions on one person. However, no evidence of any relatives, nor
the police could not find. And now, after decades of Anastasia Combs personally gathered evidence of guilt
who stole his grandmother’s earrings. Legal support in the investigation of Anastasia
has had a professional private investigator.

“We often don’t pay attention to little details
says Anastasia Grebenkina. — And they make up our lives the way the truth and the essence of things.
Surprisingly, when the broadcast of the TV show
“Sherlock,” I and my team investigated a complex detective
the thing is, my brain began to think somehow
especially. Believe it or not, but in that moment the answer came to me in
the question that has plagued our family for many years: who stole the earring , and most importantly,
how to get a man to admit it. Despite the remoteness of the events, I
with the help of a private detective managed to fully expose the thief. I won’t
now to point out who it was. The case we shut down without involving the police, I returned something that belongs to my family