Anastasia got justice

Анастасия Волочкова добилась справедливости
Ballerina commented on the arrest of its former driver.


Photo: @volochkova_art Instagra Anastasia Volochkova

The house Anastasia Volochkova the occasion: she was able to achieve “progress” in the scandal with her former driver Alexander Skirtcan robbed her , according to the artist, for millions of rubles. He, according to press reports, was arrested by police and is now in custody. The ballerina shared her glee. She believes that by contacting law enforcement, he defended not only himself but many other people could cheat her ex-driver.

“Dirt, filth and lies, you can pour all you want, But they must be answered! And the fraudsters should be in jail! It was a matter of my principle is to protect the people affected by fraud Skirtach, but not had the opportunity to call attention to it and respond. Thanks to all the staff ATC CAO, the investigators and everyone who was concerned! The truth has triumphed!” — said Volochkova.

Recall that, according to Anastasia, the driver, using the trust of the stars, had appropriated the money for her private performances. “I came yesterday the driver, which allegedly was said to Sasha, he served in Chechnya. And it turns out that nowhere Alexander served! This man I trusted to get money for my performances and take them to the Bank. It turned out that Sasha had taken them for himself. He stole money from me, millions!” — shared experiences Anastasia.