Anastasia gave up my life for the next twine

Анастасия Волочкова рискнула жизнью ради очередного шпагата The ballerina was photographed in his favorite pose at high altitude. Anastasia Volochkova, resting in Arab Emirates and invariably shared with fans candid shots. Another one of her shots nearly cost the star.

Anastasia has never been shy about their figure. Star gladly puts pictures in a tiny bikini and skimpy outfits, and twines has already become her trademark. Ballerina makes them everywhere, stressing in this way that is in impeccable physical shape. The other day she posted a photo on a luxury yacht. And to frame is to be maximally effective, it risk.

“Do not try this trick. You can fall in water from 50 meters height, directly from the deck of a large yacht,” said Volochkova in Instagram.

The photo really was spectacular, but fans came to the conclusion that none of the not worth such risk. “Strange frame. If this huge boat in the sand is. Smacks montage”, “what sacrifices Nastia is not for the sake of corporate flexibility. Well done, what can I say, Very thin. We immediately see that love,” wrote the fans of the ballerina.

Itself Volochkova never ceases to brag chic hotel. The actress has already posted several photos from the aircraft where flying in business class. The star also boasted the same boat, on the deck which is later fulfilled brand split. In the United Arab Emirates Anastasia resting in the company of a new lover Michael.

Volochkova never ceases to admit new choice in love, often puts pictures together, stating that they had finally found the man of dreams. While Anastasia hurries to tell about how she met Michael and what he now does for a living.

“It’s great to be in the arms of a loved one. We are all so good! We are always open to share the joy and sincerity, which for many can be an example of relations” – has told the artist.

For fans, that Michael pays for the luxury star hotels in Dubai. The man had previously stopped Volochkova flowers and don’t skimp on the compliments. In his Instagram often appear touching photos with a ballerina.

Apparently, the chosen one, Anastasia has nothing against her skimpy swimwear and twines. She, the ballerina admitted that the beloved accepts her for who she is. Michael has managed to make friends with the daughter of Volochkova, and it is possible that the pair will soon announce the wedding.