Anastasia Denisova shares experiences before the wedding

Анастасия Денисова делится переживаниями накануне свадьбы The star of the series “Deffchonki” in mid-may will go down the aisle with her fiancé. Anastasia Denisova is preparing for the wedding. But in the pre fuss, the artist does not forget about the fans and going to share with them all the details of the upcoming wedding.

      Анастасия Денисова делится переживаниями накануне свадьбы

      The star of the series “Deffchonki” Anastasia Denisova in mid-may will go down the aisle. But the preparation for the solemn day, the artist began, of course, in advance. Now, when the exciting day is almost here, the bride decided to find the time to share the anticipation of such an important day of his life with fans. Denisov decided to talk about their feelings and experiences in a blog.

      “Dear friends! In our family great joy! Very soon will be my wedding! Unfortunately, I can’t invite you all to the celebration itself, but! I suggest to join my blog, where I’ll be sharing your thoughts, experiences, joys and so on and so forth! As well as talk about all the partners, who with such care to help me organize the main celebration devchonki!” Anastasia said with fans.

      Fans were extremely overjoyed by this news and rushed to congratulate Anastasia with the upcoming nuptials. “Nastya, congratulations!”, “Congratulations. Female happiness, happy family life, less “gotchas”, – wished the subscribers Denisova.

      Couple wants to legalize their relationship twice. The first plan to hold the ceremony in Moscow, and the second to go to Greece. On the Islands Anastasiya and Bogdan are going to stay at the luxury hotel with its own beach. But the wedding itself, the bride and groom think to spend quite modest. The ceremony will be attended by only the closest people. While the exact date of the wedding, the actress said. But it is likely that the celebration will be held on may 17 – the birthday of Denisova.

      Despite the fact that the groom is younger than the bride for five years, he understands the responsibility that will fall on him after marriage with the actress. Now Denisov alone is raising two boys – son Yuri and his brother Andrew, whom she adopted after the death of his father and his wife. But Anastasiya and Bogdan dream is to have common children in the next couple of years.

      A couple of weeks ago, Anastasia moved to Los Angeles to work together with friends to walk at a bachelorette party in honor of the upcoming wedding. Judging by the photos, the star of the series “Deffchonki” had a great time with your close friends.

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