Анастасия Денисова спасла жизнь старшему сыну
The actress has experienced a lot of exciting moments due to the severe allergic attack Andrew.

Anastasia Denisova with brother Andrew (right) and son Yuri

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina. Anastasia dress Dan Maralex, Jure shirt Harmont&Blaine, Andrew Paul Smith shirt, “Kangaroo”

Anastasia Denisova has experienced many exciting moments, when
her adopted son Andrew suddenly had acute allergic
attack — angioedema: it is known that it is always directly related to a threat to life.

The matter was complicated by the fact that in that moment, when Andrew ate a spoonful of honey, which cause allergies, a family vacationing in the village.

“We have no one allergies never had one
product, and suddenly this! “says the star “Devchonok”. — At first it was very
it’s funny to see that the eldest son sneezes every second, like a cat. But when
it began to swell my eyes, we are really scared! Then everything was like in
the fog: I called the pediatrician, and a second later jumped in the car and at full speed
I drove into the city. Visited several pharmacies, found the right medication and rushed
back! All managed for thirty minutes, it seems! The medicine quickly took the swelling. Now
our first aid kit was added to one drug, which will be always with you. On
just in case, even in my purse.

We will remind, Anastasia adopted half-brother a year ago.
Andrew quickly became friends with the native son of the stars by Yura — he’s older. Now
the actress complete family. Children helps to educate Bogdan — cute
cameraman Denisov was married in may of this year.

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