Anastasia Denisova lost six pounds in a month

Анастасия Денисова похудела на шесть килограммов за месяц
The actress is happy that he achieved such a result.

Anastasia Denisova

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Denisova shared the joyous news. Actress
managed to lose weight, and exactly as many pounds as she

“Without the drama and hunger, in comfort mode was able to throw off
those six pounds that I kept in mind, when I began my
the weight loss program. Dresses now sit better in the frame look better,
body, you will feel ease, feel great, says the star “Devchonok”.
And there’s this excitement to continue to engage and follow the diet when
see the result. Of course, training with my fitness coach was first given to me
not easy, but then it became much more pleasant and easier, and most importantly — throughout the body
appeared tone! Now I am forever with the sport! In General, it’s great to see
the real result! Thanks to the company specializing in weight loss, that taught delicious for Breakfast, snacking right, to lose weight and
to be well-fed and happy! I finally realized that to eat right is
not a separate work, but a part of life, and very pleasant. I promise that
I will continue to follow all recommendations and setup, because in a healthy body
healthy mind, especially in our crazy dynamic life!”

We will remind, the idea to sit on a balanced diet and exercise
the actress came on holiday in Greece. Then she looked at the pictures in
swimsuit, decided it was time to lose a few extra pounds.