Анастасия Денисова отправляется в свадебное путешествие
The couple will spend their honeymoon in Greece.

Anastasia Denisova and Bogdan Osyka with his sons George and Andrew

Photo: Maxim Lee

Anastasia Denisova along with her husband Bogdan Oikoi go
on their honeymoon, which star Devchonok” jokingly calls “rehearsal
honeymoon”. The couple will go to Greece. “I’ve never been to the mainland in
unlike Bogdan, Anastasia said with exclusive comments 7days.ru. — My husband will be my guide,
will all show. We’ll rent a car, plan a lot
to travel, to visit the sights”.

Interestingly, the Nasty sons — son George and brother Andrew,
Denisov which was adopted last summer, will not remain in Moscow, and also
going to Greece, however, separately from their parents.

The boys will spend time with benefit on the Halkidiki Peninsula in
children’s sports and language camp.

“Yura and Andrei arrive two days later than we. We will
to be from each other at a distance of six hundred kilometers, so every day
to see just will not work, — says the actress. “However, we necessarily
meet me with the boys. In the program shift camps scheduled tour, her
want to visit us.” Only in Greece is Nastya and Bogdan will stay for a week.

Recall, the couple got married on may 17. Wedding
the journey to Greece became for them a pleasant surprise, because initially
the circumstances are such that the bride and groom decided to postpone the trip
in the fall. Just a few days things were different, and happy
newly-married couples at the moment are packing their bags. Soon they will be
enjoy the sea, sun and, of course, the famous sights of the cradle

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