Анастасия Денисова подарила маме ребенка
The actress took this decision due to the fact that her older children have become teenagers.

Анастасия Денисова подарила маме ребенка

Anastasia Denisova with brother Andrew (right) and son Yuri

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina. Anastasia dress Dan Maralex, Jure shirt Harmont&Blaine, Andrew Paul Smith shirt, “Kangaroo”

Анастасия Денисова подарила маме ребенка

Kitten Space

Anastasia Denisova has acquired a cat of breed British fold: like cats
distinguished by very large size. Three-month kitten these bloodlines can be more than an adult cat of a different breed.

Adorable kitten gray suit actress
ordered in the prestigious kennel especially for your mom’s birthday.

mom’s birthday was in may — shared with 7days.ru Nastya. — Then the kitten was only a month
and it was impossible to transport. Waiting until you’re older. He came to
we from Krasnodar! First flew in the airplane, then traveling by car. The road
moved very well, almost cried. Just a hero! My mom decided to call
his Space, but not in honor of the hero of “Brigade”, but because the cat — absolutely
space. He is incredibly affectionate, smart and funny. A few days Space
I have lived, and then went to the permanent mother.”

The idea to give the kitten the mother arose after the children
Denisova has grown. Boys entered adolescence and rarely become
to visit your grandmother.

“Kitten — he’s like a child! The mother has no time now
miss,” smiles the actress.

At Denisova in the house live two cats, a ginger cat named
Vincent, named in honor of van Gogh, and adorable kitty bead.

“We with Yura came to Andrew, and together I went for walks, talked and played. And soon became friends. Andrew is very proud of the fact that I’m an actress. He watched all the series “Devchonok”, — Anastasia Denisova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina. Anastasia dress collection Gladys Russian fashion roots

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