Anastasia dealt with unscrupulous nanny daughter

Анастасия Волочкова разобралась с недобросовестной няней дочери The dancer explained why now she has a daughter. According to Anastasia Volochkova, she had a problem with the hired help, as for her absence at home, the governess had misused Ariadne.

      Анастасия Волочкова разобралась с недобросовестной няней дочери

      Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova trying not to refuse his daughter. 11-year-old Ariadne goes along with the mom overseas, attended various creative circles and received a gift of things which could be the envy of many of her peers. Volochkova will present the successor of gyrometer, and her finest friends indulge the girl toys and outfits.

      However, during the long absence of Anastasia, when the star was on tour in Russia with charity concerts, Ariadne remained with the governess. Volochkova has entrusted the child to a stranger, but after one incident they had to say goodbye to the assistant. “Now we have neither a nanny nor governess. We have removed such a person from us,” – said the ballerina in the “You wouldn’t believe!”.

      According to the artist, she trusted the governess as herself. Volochkova explained that in their family, as a rule, no serious disagreements. However, hired her nanny began to play a double game, to try to remove Ariadne from mom.

      “The mistake of this woman was that she was helping to build not my relationship with my daughter during my absence, and has built his with her, in order to Arish didn’t feel without it, man could not without it”, – said Volochkova.

      After the ballerina learned about the incident, she immediately decided to dismiss the woman and begin to take care of Ariadne by yourself. Sometimes it helps mother Anastasia. The star has repeatedly said that he tries to communicate with the heiress as a friend.

      Volochkova lives by the rule “My home is my castle”, so all the issues are agreed with her. “I believe that I can dictate the rules in your house. They do not go beyond what the house needs to be peace, there should not be quarrels, mutual abuse,” said Volochkova.

      The star does not ignore the festivities in the school of her daughter, and shares with followers on the social network success of Ariadne. The heiress has been vocal in the centre, Yuri Gonchar, playing tennis and already has his own microblog. Fans of the ballerina is often praised the talents of girls and I think that Volochkova correctly it brings up.