Anastasia cursed for luxury gift

Анастасию Волочкову обругали за роскошный подарок The dancer will celebrate Christmas in the Maldives. Going to warmer climes, the actress shared with fans a picture with the man who accompanied her at the airport and showed him a present – an expensive foreign car. Internet users condemned Volochkova for being indiscreet.

Anastasia is an active user of social networks. The ballerina has her own page on Instagram, posting several posts a day, sharing with followers photos with guests and showing them fotogafie with training. The artist frequently responds to followers, communicate a lot and always responds to comments especially bright. Sometimes the dancer puts individual posts, along with provocative pictures in the signature which meets the detractors.

Before Christmas Volochkova flown to the Maldives. As a photo-evidence of Anastasia published photos taken at the airport, on the plane, and already on arrival at the hotel. The actress walked the mystery man who gave her a traditional bouquet of your favorite white roses. Photo Volochkova embraces the gentleman, but his face is not visible.

Responding to previous criticisms in his address, Volochkova wrote a great review, which said that in addition to white Maybach, it has now and black. And, says Anastasia, all those expensive gifts she deserves hard work.

“My good! You like my swagger? Wait. Paparazzi do not need. I you myself in the first person better. It is honest and truthful! See. It’s me. True and sincere. A trip to the Maldives! Writing from the plane – is also me. Donated white Maybach! Black will also be for harmony! Do not worry. It is already there! Favorite white roses for me! And my! Hug a loved one-me too! Tracksuit personally gave, do not be nervous. Give your welcome. If there is someone. For real! So happiness to me! Love you, dear! And joy! And learn not to envy, but to rejoice in the successes of others! And all that I have, I deserve! Incredible work!” – wrote Volochkova.

Internet users in the comments condemned the artist and Maybach, and photos, and the text of the post. “Well, what is envy?!?! It’s a pity! What are you?! A public person is not writes,” “Anastasia, have you thought about what in the world is home to a lot of people who are much more distinguished and wealthier than you, but they do not allow themselves to behave this way?”, “Who needs your bibika and twine, why do you believe that you are jealous, Yes a lot of girls who are cooler than you doing the splits and I do not brag, also a lot of people have the more expensive your car! No one is jealous!”, “Anastasia writes like she has plowed all his life, and we did, not working, lived” – opinions of the followers.

Unexpectedly among the comments was one from a famous journalist Katya Gordon. The presidential candidate stated directly that Volochkova – sick and offered their aid.

“Nastya, in short… the texts I, as a psychologist by first education, it is my duty to offer help. I swear without any negativity. It’s really a disease… What Maybach my good and I deserve? What’s wrong with you? Call me or write to whatsapp. I’ll help,” wrote Gordon.

Catherine suggested that if in the near future to help the ballerina that she will behave even less appropriately. Previously, a number of celebrities tried to accuse Anastasia in some vices and addictions. However, Volochkova has always proved that she is a respectable woman.