Anastasia cruelly avenged ex-lover

Анастасия Волочкова жестоко отомстит экс-любовнику
The ballerina is going to send intimate video featuring Zotova his parents.

Анастасия Волочкова жестоко отомстит экс-любовнику


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Sex scandal, the main character of which was Anastasia, and did not think to subside. The ballerina took part in the program “Special
the issue with Vadim Takmenev” on NTV. Anastasia does not deny that in candid pictures
caught in a net, she enters into an intimate relationship with Chermen Zotova. When
she assured the guests present in the Studio Takmeneva that prepares a large
surprise parents ex-lover. Volochkova, confident in the fact that Bunkers
posted on the Internet their love fest, promised to send a candid video
a part of Chermen his parents as a gift for the New year. And a huge
a bouquet of white roses, as an apology, the businessman presented during
ether, star though and took, but gave to understand that flowers are not a reason to forgive
such an act.

Анастасия Волочкова жестоко отомстит экс-любовнику

Anastasia learned the shocking truth about your abuser

Recall That Volochkova
was furious after learning that hackers posted photos
made ex-boyfriend. A distinctive feature of the shoot was that removed
it was during the intimate connection of the former prima of the Bolshoi theatre with the young man.
A survey answered for himself the red. He later confessed that was photographed in such
piquant moments girl and could not assume that these shots
he will one day steal virtual scams.

Ex-boyfriend Volochkova afraid of publishing an intimate video with a ballerina

Bunkers says that about six months ago, allegedly lost
the SIM card, through which the attackers gained access to his social networks, where
and stored candid photos. A few of them were captured
Volochkova, with whom he months ago had a romantic relationship. He publicly
apologized to Her for his failure.