Анастасия Волочкова прокомментировала обвинения в домогательствах Dancer explained the relationship with Alexander Schirmacher. Former driver celebrity said earlier that Anastasia came on to him and offered to spend the night with her.
Анастасия Волочкова прокомментировала обвинения в домогательствах

Within a few months has been simmering scandal Anastasia Volochkova with her former driver Alexander Schirmacher. Law enforcement agencies understand whether the man stole her a large sum of money. Six months Skirtach held in jail, he is now under house arrest. In one of the programs of Alexander’s wife Sofia said that Volochkova wanted to enter into an intimate relationship with his driver. The star of the ballet decided to respond to the allegations.

“Even as something funny to comment on the words of this man. A lie from first word to the last. I think he’s free these fables says? No, of course. I understand that TV’s a rating that any story about Anastasia Volochkova has hit with the audience. But let’s not forget that Skirtach is under investigation, his Scam is currently being studied. Apparently, Skirtach conveniently transfer all of the personal niche, because, in his opinion, it diverts attention from the main thing – his stealing and lies,” said Anastasia.

According to the ballerina, the initiator lies Skirtach were his wife Sophia. By the way, she also destroyed the marital relationship of Alexander and took him from his family. “Skirtach now speculates his children from his first marriage, concealed them, they say, they left without a breadwinner. Although, as far as I know, he is no longer interested in their fate, not helping them. Abandoned them, leaving millions of debts which his unfortunate first wife took away the house… this person suffered a lot of people. Now revealed that Skirtach threatened their victims, saying that they rip up the belly, scared of other creepy methods of revenge. He didn’t expect that I will not be afraid of his threats,” – said Anastasia.

Volochkova glad in her life also, there are exemplary men that surround her, and give gifts. “I used to trust people and not immediately recognize the fraud. But I will not stoop to the level Skirtach and his wife. I can only say that he strongly sought my location – showered me with SMS, they say, want, like, want to shout. I it was treated with indulgence: “Well loves, so what?” Many men want my attention. I have to respond? It is not necessary to dig in the mud – someone who would like who slept with whom… Unless it gives you the right to steal? I have no desire to dig in this mud, I will resolve the issue in court” – Anastasia explained in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.