Anastasia caused a scandal in the theatre

Анастасия Волочкова вызвала скандал в театре Duet ballerina and her partner on stage in jeopardy. Said Bagov and Anastasia are not able to construct such a pair, which sees the Director of the play. Because of this, in collective conflict flared.

      Анастасия Волочкова вызвала скандал в театре

      Recently Anastasia has opened in itself talent of the actress. Artistic skills it hones in the theatrical production “a man Came to the woman” the Director Iosif Reichelgaus. Role in Comedy has become the ballerina’s debut at the theater. Interestingly, the formulation contains erotic and sex scenes. Partner Anastasia is honored actor said Bagov.

      It would seem that the play was destined for success. However, according to sources, the Director of the play sees no harmony in a pair Volochkova and Bagova. Supposedly the actor should behave with a dancer on stage a little differently than he does now. Saeed, in turn, strongly disagree with the comments in his address. To support comrade hastened colleague at the scene of Valentin Gaft.

      “Said I know very well: he has done a lot for this performance, – said Valentin Iosifovich. He is a very good, talented and honest people. But they conflict with the Director. I don’t know what the problem is. But it would be a pity if it all ends”.

      According to the information portal “Prozvezd”, a performance featuring Volochkova was in jeopardy. Comedy posters still hang on the site, so there’s a chance that performing the conflict will be settled. Meanwhile, Anastasia is satisfied with the behavior said on stage, though she was, unwittingly, a point of contention between Director and actor. Moreover, the ballerina in awe of his partner.

      “We love each other, I will not hide. We only live once: you need to be yourself. I do believe that on the stage the partners should feel each other, only then they will be even better to play, and the audience even more to believe them. I have with many partners on the stage were a beautiful romantic relationship. And now the theater gave me a new appointment” – admitted Volochkova.

      Let’s remind, Bugs created for Actresses debuting this atmosphere that it was not difficult to be liberated and even to undress on the stage. Volochkova did not hesitate to appear before the audience in sexy outfits that accentuate her graceful form.

      Anastasia previously explained why he decided to make his debut on the stage in such erotic attire. Star believes that the viewer should be interesting to watch what is happening on the stage, and if this will help her stockings or a tasteful combination, she does not see anything reprehensible.

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