Anastasia Bryzgalova first comments on doping scandal of her husband

Анастасия Брызгалова впервые прокомментировала допинг-скандал мужа
Devoid of medals calingasta spoke about the incident.

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky

Photo: @a_nastasia92 Instagram Anastasia Bryzgalova

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky before he returned to Russia. Athletes who were denied the bronze medals because of a doping scandal at the Olympic games in 2018, now need support from others. Just an hour ago, Bryzgalov made his first comment on the events of recent days.

“It was a very difficult week! Thanks to everyone for their support and faith in us!” — said Anastasia.

Doping scandal Krushelnytskoho, which many in the leadership of the Russian Curling Federation still called “sabotage”, strongly affected the state of his teammate and wife — Bryzgalovo. Yesterday at the airport Anastasia looked depressed, but not “surprising”. In fact, it to the doping scandal Alexander is an indirect relationship. Her samples were “clean”, but due to the fact that the couple performs in the style of double-Mixte, Anastasia as well as her husband, stripped of well-deserved medals. Even before the completion of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang “bronze” the Russian curlers will give the Norwegian athletes.

However, fans are confident that in 2022, Anastasia and Alexander to return for medals at the Olympic games and, this time, will bring home the coveted “gold.” As stated before Andrey Sozin (first Vice-President of the Curling Federation of Russia) is likely to krushelnitsky is not disqualified for four years, as previously reported, but two. And that means athletes will be able to go to China to participate in the Olympic games. There they will go under guard to avoid a repeat of this year.