Anastasia allowed theatrical conflict

Анастасия Волочкова разрешила театральный конфликт The ballerina continues to try myself as an actress. After the problems that arose at the stars with the Director, a man Came to the woman”, she had to leave the troupe performance. Now Anastasia plans to work together with Semyon Zlotnikov, author and Director of the play “the Lonely Waltz”.

      Анастасия Волочкова разрешила театральный конфликт

      In late April, the wide resonance was received by a scandal arising from the participation of Anastasia Volochkova in the play “a man Came to the woman,” Joseph Raihelgauz. The Director was let go said Bagov, who played in a pair with a dancer and invited her to play with another actor.

      “Two days before the premiere I got to work with another partner. Anyone involved in theater will tell you that exercise is simply impossible. Though, because with said we learned and practiced our roles, brought certain changes and additions, which cannot know another actor,” said Anastasia. The star has long been through the situation, because she was so excited to continue to work in the theater.

      Anastasia Volochkova: “I can’t betray a partner”

      When it became known that the chances to find common language with Raihelgauz no, Volochkova decided to talk with the author of the play. Ballerina arrived in Orenburg, he met with Semyon Zlotnikov and watched his other drama “the lonely Waltz”. According to Anastasia, all the problems arose from the fact that during a rehearsal of “a man Came to the woman she brought into work some changes, thus making the production more modern.

      “Raihelgauz, sending me angry letters with ultimatums and threats to block me the opportunity to work at theaters of Russia, on my request to leave me alone and break a contract with me, assured me that if I take the play “a man Came to the woman” how your entreprise, and I will be laminating performance regardless of Karabas-Barabas, you’re gonna have problems, because as the author of the play Semyon Zlotnikov will serve me to court because he doesn’t like the modern approach of the play, which was performed by”, – Anastasia wrote under the photo with Zlotnikov.

      The author and the performer of the role, and Volochkova was offered the role in “the Lonely Waltz”. Just as soon as the star began to read the script on the plane memorized about 20 pages. For Anastasia the play will be little changed. The performance will include choreographic elements, which will be responsible for Volochkova.

      “Anastasia – it’s not quite the actress, is a person in the Russian sky. She can afford to allow all: sing, dance, play”, was described by Semyon Zlotnikov new member of their theatre project.

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