Anastasia admitted to feelings for a former lover-oligarch

Анастасия Волочкова призналась в чувствах к бывшему возлюбленному-олигарху The ballerina still loves Suleiman Kerimov. The couple lived together for more than three years. Despite the fact that Anastasia broke up with a billionaire fourteen years ago, she keeps on him fondly.
Анастасия Волочкова призналась в чувствах к бывшему возлюбленному-олигарху

Not long ago, a former lover Anastasia Volochkova Suleiman Kerimov, was detained at the airport of nice, and later released on bail of five million euros to the end of the investigation. The billionaire is suspected of money laundering and tax evasion. The ballerina is very worried about the fate of ex-chosen one. Despite the fact that their parting now, 14 years later, she admitted she still has strong feelings for him. The actress hopes for a favorable outcome.

“How can I not worry? When I finished with him, left the relationship, loving this man, continuing to write him letters of love, that it is, indeed, the most bright and clean light that I had in my life. Just a nice not very lucky. There was an accident 10 years ago. We met after this accident with him. I also continued to write him these letters. Very sorry, of course”, – said Volochkova.
Анастасия Волочкова призналась в чувствах к бывшему возлюбленному-олигарху

Anastasia did not hide the fact that romantic relationship with the oligarch made a lasting impression on her. She admitted she no longer felt that way. Despite the fact that Volochkova and Kerimov parted, she speaks of the man only in a positive way. The celebrity told the publication Life on the positive qualities of the ex-chosen one.

“I really, really loved this man. This is the first serious love of my life. We lived together for three and a half years. In his person he was a representative of the Caucasus, but generally not the Caucasus, and the man of the Caucasus, where nobility, honor, dignity, courage, sense of humor, he is awesome. You know, the kind of love that I am more than Suleymania, I’m no longer loved anyone. I still love it, have sincere feelings,” admitted the star of the ballet.

The last time Anastasia Volochkova pursue controversial stories. Not so long ago the Network appeared in candid photos with her ex-lover. The celebrity was furious that the intruders encroached on privacy. Anastasia intends to deal with offenders in court. Anastasia shamed the hackers who stole her intimate photos