Онкобольная звезда «Дома-2» Елена Степунина закончила курс лучевой терапии The young woman was discharged from the hospital. Elena Stepunina struggling with cancer for several months. She hopes that she will be able to defeat serious disease. Holidays ex-member of telestroke spend with the family home.
Онкобольная звезда «Дома-2» Елена Степунина закончила курс лучевой терапии

The former participant of popular TV project “Dom-2” Elena Stepunina completed treatment in one of the capital’s medical facilities. The woman passed radiation therapy. Despite intensive treatments over a few months, she’s not rushing things and not yet claimed could cure cancer.

“Congratulations is not mistaken, the official confirmation of my recovery no, but it’s all on paper will soon feel! Exactly 9 months of hell! 9 months of feeling unwell! 9 months of nervous breakdowns and tears. 9 months, which showed who is who. 9 months of fear, the first 9 months of kindness and care. 9 months of support in moments of sadness. 9 months that changed my life! 9 months for which I was the other! Now plans it was great to meet the New 2018 and to go to relatives in the Krasnodar region for the whole family”, – said Elena.

Members congratulate the reality star with the completion of the treatment. “I thank you very, very happy. All will be well”, “well done, Helen! Let all the bad go away this year. And in the New all is sure to be different, and everything will be fine and let all troubles go away from you. And you are an example to many, what you need to be in difficult situations,” write Stepunina followers in the comments.

As told Elena “StarHit”, the last treatment took about 200 thousand rubles. While doctors said Stepunina that soon she won’t have to a new course of chemotherapy.

Today wife Helena’s birthday. A young woman excited to be able to spend the day with him. In an exclusive interview Stepunina told me how he met the future husband.

Cancer ex-member of “House-2” Elena Stepunina: “many due to cancer leave men”

“We with Vova was found for the first time about two years ago. At first were just friends, and then I realized that I had fallen in love. Enchanting to the history we have. He had long wanted to marry me, but I immediately agreed. To me marriage never meant, and lived together. But then I dumped him. I was bored, and wanted to have fun. I never was so good as it is now… for some reason didn’t want to stay with Vova, he just Packed up and left. Only on a reality show, I realized that in love with him. He was waiting for me. When he returned, he was able to forgive,” – said Stepunina.