Anabaena Shannon Doherty will take the last action

Онкобольная Шэннон Доэрти перенесет последнюю операцию
Two years ago it became known about the cancer actress Shannon Doherty, doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer.

Онкобольная Шэннон Доэрти перенесет последнюю операцию

All this time the woman fighting the disease, she has already had a mastectomy, and she took courses of chemotherapy. Now the actress has entered remission, but nonetheless Shannon needs another operation.

“Trying my best to be in good shape before my impending surgery, which I hope will be the last. The body fights better when the body is physically developed. In the morning play tennis, then pay attention to the banner and finish it with a fun cardio.

I understand that not everyone has the opportunity so much time to devote to exercise, but just the movement and the inner attitude — that’s important! And diet! Be sure to watch what goes in your body!” – wrote Doherty in the Network.

We wish the actress a force to fight this terrible disease!

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