Необычная встреча Нового года: лучшие идеи

2019 will be held under the sign of the Pig. Patronize him will Land. This year offers many opportunities, but to achieve the objectives it will be necessary to work productively. Because the pig does not tolerate slackers, it is true and fair, kind and hardworking.
This is a good period to improve intelligence, career, important Dating and travel. To come true all your dreams in the New year it is necessary to meet fun and original.

On “the beach” are

To get away from the cold and frost, and to celebrate the New year on the white sand with the waves – a dream. So it can be easily implement. If tickets are not yet booked, there are certainly “burning” permit.
You can not leave and rent the pool, gather noisy company and to arrange a detailed likeness of a tropical vacation. Decorate an artificial tree to drive a round dance and find gifts under it. A rich festive table necessarily have to be ice cream, refreshing cocktails.

In the woods

The new year is winter Wonderland and for many a holiday without snow and Santa Claus do not exist. In this case, you can celebrate the New year in the forest. Happy adults and children. To celebrate it is necessary to build a great company, to prepare the wood for the big fire.
To create a festive atmosphere need a lot of Christmas decorations and surprises for loved ones. Christmas costumes can be found at https://www.my-karnaval.ru/c/kostyumy-novogodnie/ . If in the company of kids, be sure to discuss this issue to no child left without a gift and they were about equal.

The party Christmas theme

Young people will love a themed party. You can choose the outfits of the times of the Roman Empire, the reign of the sun king, Louis IV, Soviet mods, an underwater Kingdom or Brazilian carnival costumes.
The interior should be decorated in accordance with the chosen theme, to prepare meals. To celebrate a fairly small budget, if you don’t rent expensive premises and to make costumes.

In the way

For those who like to be on the move and wants for new year’s eve to visit different areas of the city, you can rent a bus and decorate it beautifully. So get to raise a toast with friends, who celebrate in other companies, to evaluate all events in the city.

An important caveat

Whichever option fun no was selected, one person (strong man), who will not drink and will follow the order. Unusual conditions, water, fire, traffic, alcohol can play a cruel joke. Then the holiday turns into a tragedy.

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