An unexpected turn: Paul Will ends his career comedian

Неожиданный поворот: Павел Воля завершает карьеру комика

Resident of Comedy Club announced his departure from the scene.

Will Paul rose to fame in the early 2000s as the most vivid member of the Comedy Club. Perhaps only he was able to present star guests from the stage so that everyone, without exception, the audience was funny. It is not surprising that for several years, his career only went uphill: he starred in commercials, and in TV series and feature films…

However, in the new issue of the Comedy Club, which will be released on November 3, the showman announced that ends his career comedian and invited everyone to his farewell concert.

What will Will instead of working in a Comedy Club, nobody knows. But his fans, of course, are in shock and disbelief.. or maybe the actor was just joking?

Some time ago, by the way, in the media there were rumors that he’s leaving Russia to Spain. But, fortunately, it turned out to be wrong. To leave the country Will not even going. In the near future, at least.

“Whoa-whoa, OKS! We didn’t go anywhere!!! Will not wait. Yes, where do go from such a fun and popular attention? Again: no emigration, no permanent residence, – said, as cut, artist. — Oh, and for reference: with a Russian passport to leave Russia only for the duration of the visa. As one sage from installmentof: “No they’re not needed!” That’s right, my good. Anyone. We, my dear fellow citizens, happy in other countries within visas and our passports. Russian. And other passports with my beloved we do not have and that is not going to, so I hasten to disappoint those who were happy for us, and disappoint those who were indignant”. Read more HERE.