Неожиданный сюрприз! Принц Гарри посещает школу в Малави, Меган присоединяется к ним по скайпу


Неожиданный сюрприз! Принц Гарри посещает школу в Малави, Меган присоединяется к ним по скайпу

As a patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Duchess of Sussex believes one of the key issues is to maintain
the education of girls.
Meghan Markle had a special surprise when Prince Harry continued his Royal tour of Africa in Malawi.

Prince Harry, who took son Archie, 5 months old in his first official Royal flight in the beginning of this week, visited the College
education Nilicule on Sunday. Harry met with a group of young women who receive support to attend and complete secondary school through scholarship UKAid as part of the campaign for female education.

Неожиданный сюрприз! Принц Гарри посещает школу в Малави, Меган присоединяется к ним по скайпу
During his visit on Sunday, Harry was personally convinced that the impact of investment in the UK guarantee girls to get at
least 12 years of quality education. The project is supported by the Commonwealth Foundation Queen, whose President is Harry, and
Vice President-Megan. Although the Duchess of Sussex was not physically able to attend the trip with her husband, she still was there!

When her face appeared on the screen, which was situated so that all could see a group of young women burst into song because Megan could be seen almost live, flapping with her and see the smile on her face.

Prince Harry visits Malawi after a trip to Botswana and Angola this week. Early next week he will return to South Africa to
to meet with Megan and Archie in Johannesburg for a few days before the family of three back home in London. One of the key objectives of Megan is to support the education of girls. She was named the patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities at the beginning of this year.

In December, Megan spoke to a group of students and leaders in Royal College of London as part of the ACU to discuss the importance and impact of higher education. Everyone should be able to get the education that he wants, but more importantly, the education to which he is entitled, she continued. “And for women and girls in developing countries is vital. When girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create an incredible future not only for themselves but for those around you. Although progress has been made in many areas across the Commonwealth, there is always the opportunity to empower the next generation of young people, and particularly young women, expressed Megan.

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Megan was an ordinary College student at northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
Illinois. She double-majored in theater and international relations and was a member of the Sorority Kappa Kappa gamma. Former
Professor Megan Harvey young, in the class “Studies in Black Performance” in the spring of 2003, told the Chicago Sun-Times that she was “respectful”
student and always knew that she has great potential in the industry.

“It reminded me of many of our other very promising graduates, that she was passionate about the theatre and really had
the sense of self-confidence, which, as you can imagine, will allow it to survive the storms of the professional world,”said Yang.

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