Сирота с ДЦП из Екатеринбурга поступил в Высшую школу экономики Maksim Prokop’ev childhood dream to study in this University. Now the young man hopes to get used to the Moscow metro. The money for the trip Urals to the capital collected throughout the city. There was enough money raised for a ticket to Moscow and some new clothes.

    Maksim Prokop’ev from Yekaterinburg, graduated from the remedial school, enrolled in the faculty of media communications. Today Uralets, which is difficult even to walk and talk, counting the days until the end of August when we will go to the capital for the prestigious higher education.

    “Learning “Rig” I had dreamed of since childhood – says “StarHit” Maxim. – However, none of the others did not believe that I will be able to get there. In school I was not a student in the certificate in the main Quartet, and what we got was a school – half of my classmates are either dead, or sitting. But I decided to achieve the goal in the beginning of last year began to prepare for the exams. All necessary information was taken in online. The people around asked if I’d be upset if I don’t, but I honestly didn’t have time to reflect.

    The money for the trip to Moscow was collected by all city. The mayor Yevgeny Roizman wrote on his Facebook page that I want to conquer one of the coolest universities in the country, published my credit card details… People began to send money, thanks to them! Was enough for a ticket and new clothes.

    I’m an independent man. Since at 18 he graduated from high school at a boarding school, rented an apartment with a friend. Pension of 15 thousand rubles is not enough, was moonlighting as a copywriter – wrote advertising copy for websites. In Moscow, I will allocate a room in a hostel. Sure, much inconvenience will not experience. However, don’t know how to get around in metro escalator is so fast, I don’t have time…

    Every day I receive hundreds of messages. In social networks write from all parts of Russia, pozdravlja out with the receipt. Many Muscovites, by the way, call for a visit, offer to help. When you come to the capital, take advantage of invitations to eat, because not all the time the books sit, sometimes we need to relax”.

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