Egor Creed's MRI revealed serious health problems Singer Yegor Creed often gets in touch with his family subscribers. He notes that, as a sincere person, it is important for him to share with his followers what is happening in his life.

An MRI revealed serious health problems for Yegor Creed But the other day Yegor admitted that he had bad news. They concern his physical condition. Because of this, he even underwent a serious examination.

The first problem is related to the fact that Creed was diagnosed with panic attacks. He told how they manifest themselves.

“I can sit calmly in a cafe, and my head begins to feel dizzy. As if I had taken a ride on a yacht or on a boat and now there is residual movement. Or as if I got off a train and there is still swaying. I'm used to sharing everything with you. I realized that I need to tell you about this.”

In addition, he underwent an MRI study, where doctors also found the cause of his ailments.

“I was told that there are two tubes in the neck on both sides and they drive blood to the brain. And one of these tubes I have, on the left side, is either skewed, or something is slightly wrong with it, hostile. Either from osteochondrosis, or from something else… And the blood flows to the brain a little unevenly. Because of this, there is a lack of oxygen, oxygen starvation and some dizziness.”

At the moment, Egor is wearing a Shants collar, it supports his neck in the correct position and helps normalize blood access to the brain.

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