Экс-священник из «Дома-2» будет присутствовать на родах жены Walter Solomentsev is ready to birth a third child. Ex-member of telestroke dreams about the birth of his daughter, as he already has two sons. Despite the imminent addition to the family, he is not going to return to his wife.
Экс-священник из «Дома-2» будет присутствовать на родах жены

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Walter Solomentsev still going through a breakup with Olesya. They lived together with a girl in St. Petersburg, and then she went to Moscow. As suggested by Solomentsev, in the capital, she found a lover. Walter himself did not return to pregnant wife, who is expecting a third child. The man lives alone. With the girl of his way also went.

“Don’t want to put up with her if nothing Olesya’t have feelings for me. Now don’t expect it and will not accept. Of course, the emotions I have left, there is a dependence on this girl. It haunts me constantly. Things lisovska reminded her, and I threw them away, it is necessary to deal with the obsession. I now a lot of girls write on the Internet, want to meet, but I’m failing. First you need to get rid of the feelings for the ex. If you join with someone in an intimate relationship, I think cheating on her, even though we are not together,” said Walter.

Solomentsev claims that ex-wife wants him back and blackmail, hinting that she may forbid him to see the children. Nevertheless, ex-member of telestroke already received permission to attend the birth of wife.

“Delivery is scheduled for mid-June, the ex-hero of telestroke. — Is caesarean section. I’m going to attend and observe the process personally, have already passed all the necessary tests. I hope that there will be a daughter. If it’s a girl, going to pick her up. I do want to live with children, but the Gal does not give them to me. By the way, if she dies during childbirth, the kids will be with me. About the reunion with the former spouse does not think,” says Walter.
Экс-священник из «Дома-2» будет присутствовать на родах жены

Solomentsev now makes a living writing scripts. He will continue to help his wife Finance.

“At this time, I’m busy with work. Write a script sci-Fi series, the text of two series producer pays me 350 thousand rubles,” – said Solomentsev in conversation with the magazine “the House-2”.

Recall, when Olesya went to Moscow, Walter published online intimate photos. Later they did in the TV show. Lisovskaya Solomentsev accused of cruelty and said he almost threw her from the window. She doesn’t come back to him.