Экс-священник из «Дома-2» разоблачил Олесю Лисовскую Former member of telestroke Walter Solomentsev told about how the conflict develops with the girl. According to him, Olesya Lisovskaya she is ready to come up with a reason to warm up interest of public and fans to their proceedings. The pair have several times participated in the domestic broadcasts of the talk show.
Экс-священник из «Дома-2» разоблачил Олесю Лисовскую

For the past few weeks the stars “House-2” Walter Solomentsev and Olesya Lisovskaya find out the relationship. First, the ex-priest stirred up a Network of candid snapshots. He posted on Instagram intimate photos of Olesya with which to build relationships on telestroke. Soon page Solomentsev has been blocked due to obscene frames, Lisovskaya, in turn, also removed the personal account. Victim of ex-priest of the “House-2” commented on draining the Network “dirty” photo

Walter decided to explain why he decided thus to avenge ex-lover. According to him, the girl herself wanted that their conflict became public knowledge. Solomentsev also said that he met lisovska after talk-shows with their participation. Together they discussed the program, which were the main characters.

Экс-священник из «Дома-2» разоблачил Олесю Лисовскую“April 12, I’m meeting with Olesya after the broadcast on one of the TV, her boyfriend-mediadoctor and a couple of his friends. I am in anxious anticipation, hope to hear from Olesya that “it’s all a game just for the sake of air and, you know I love you.” Indeed, it is with joy and satisfaction turns to me: “It was a great live!” And we spent a long time discussing what happened in the Studio, with the joy of beer and eating still warm excitement sausages. But then I ask with hope: “Les, so it’s just a game, and you didn’t break up with me?” “Broke up,” she says with icy indifference. “But why’d you bring me, because I almost died? Why not say directly and not explained?” She looks down at me disdainfully and replied: “You’re a bad actor!” “But don’t you feel sorry for his parents that you are, in fact, forced me to publish your photo?” “The pictures are terrible, you had normal, chose the most dumb!” – she interrupted my outrage. I was upset, but tried not to show mind and a couple hours spent with them for stupid vain talk of future air and moving to success” – said Walter.
Экс-священник из «Дома-2» разоблачил Олесю Лисовскую

Solomentsev said: Olesya soon she started to offer him a further scenario of development of events. The girl was thrown to Walter a few topics that would be of interest to journalists and spectators. Walter secretly recorded conversation with his profession.

“Don’t shoot! Well, what now?” – said Olesya. Walter suggested the girl to publish on the web portion of candid shots with her. However, Lisovskaya refused, having referred that does not see a serious conflict.

“Maybe I should just find a woman some? To agree with her that she’s supposed to be my mistress? And helps me to forget you,” continued Solomentsev. However, this topic Olesya rejected.

“That was fun, if you wanted to be treated and to undergo a mental evaluation, and you do not give. In!” suggested Olesya ex-lover.

Audio conversation Solomentsev and Lisovskaya published edition “Dom2Life.ru”.