An employee of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left due to poor working conditions

Работница герцога и герцогини Кембриджских уволилась из-за тяжёлых условий работы

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are looking for a new housekeeper still left due to poor working conditions. Insiders close to the 35-year-old Sadie Races, report that is determined, and “nothing gonna change her decision”.

Publication the Sun reports that the housekeeper gave to the Royal family two years of his life, working almost seven days a week.
“Sadie and so workaholic, but William and Kate, it worked much more than I could. Their demands were too great even for her. They wanted it all spent more time at Kensington Palace, and its working time is increased with time, and time for a private life at all does not remain. She quit her job and for them it is a big loss,” said the insider.
From the moment when the husband of the current Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip renounced Royal duties on the shoulders of William and, therefore, Kate, take more responsibilities. Sensing that the throne will go to him, the Prince retired from the ambulance service, the pilot of which was recent years. Now in front of William are endless receptions and social events.