Amy Schumer refused to promise to leave the U.S. after winning trump in the election

Эми Шумер отказалась от обещания уехать из США после победы Трампа на выборах

The presidential race in the United States, finally came to an end. Active part in it took the stars the fields of show business, music, cinema, fashion, and most of his campaigned for people to make their choice in favor of Hillary Clinton, not Donald trump. Some celebrities even threatened to relocate if the White house will go to the businessman, not the wife of former President Clinton.

One of those who threatened to migrate from the country, was Amy Schumer.

“I will need to learn Spanish because I go to Spain or somewhere else. I just don’t see how trump could win. It’s too incredible,” said Amy in September on BBC Newsnight.

But, goodbye America for the actress will not take place, because it is “joke.” Here’s a fun Amy.

In addition, she mentioned in an interview that may move to London, but not in Spain:

“First of all, in that interview where I said I will move, I mentioned London, and it was said in jest. Although, of course, hardly anyone needs more than a scandalous headline to find something official news.”