Эми Адамс получит звезду на голливудской Аллее славы

The first Hollywood star that in 2017 received a star on the walk of fame, was viola Davis. Next will be Amy Adams.

Red-haired beauty will be honoured tomorrow, January 11.

Note that Adams is one of the few Actresses in Hollywood that is rarely removed large blockbustercom movie. She prefers a quiet and simple projects, such as “Big eyes” or “Under cover of night”. By the way, the actress in the next couple of months we hear a new film with her participation — favorites “Oscar” in 2017, which will be held in late February.

Reference: Amy Adams is an American actress and singer, five-time nominee for “Oscar”. Winner of two awards “Golden globe” for the main role in the tragicomedy “American hustle” (2013) and for his starring role in the drama “Big eyes” (2014).