Amy Adams every day crying on the set of “American hustle”

Эми Адамс каждый день плакала на съемках «Аферы по-американски»
Work on this painting was given to the actress very hard.

Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence in “American hustle”

Photo: Outnow

Actress Amy Adams commented on the scandal
surrounding the film “American hustle” David O. Russell. During the filming of the singer
one of the roles Jennifer Lawrence protested that the fee male actors in this
the film is much higher than that of Actresses. After
what many began to blame the very Lawrence that she disclose details of the contract and
discussing them after this contract is signed… Amy Adams, too
who starred in this film, in an interview with “7D” said, “On the set of “American hustle” I was very bad. I’m awful
suffered from how I was treated by the Director. No, it is, of course, I don’t
beaten, but not going into details, I can admit — brought to tears. Every day I
cried. Jennifer Lawrence just held on. She’s clever, she’s “Teflon”
skin, as I call it. But she definitely felt a sense of resentment and
injustice. Not only that, you disgusting turn, so you still
earn less than others. But we all knew. And then, you know, there
Directors who treat their actors like parents with children. But
David O. Russell belongs to another
category of provocateurs. Cause of the actors sudden reaction and thanks
this opens up new facets of their talent. So it is worth so much to complain? And
I, Jennifer received a nomination on “Oscar” for this film.”

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