Эми Адамс о порядочности и сериале «Острые предметы»

Actress Amy Adams differs from many other celebrities of his integrity. She was not seen in the scandals, and the popularity got due to the role of Princess in the movie “Enchanted”. But to play complex characters, not decent and polite, Amy for the first time. Since July, the actress can be seen in the new series “Sharp objects”, about which and much more the star said in an interview for the magazine HELLO!

Эми Адамс о порядочности и сериале «Острые предметы»

“I was born in a family of Mormons and as my six brothers and sisters used to take care of others. And to blow off steam, went into the mountains,” recalls the actress.

Now, in the mountains, the actress is not, and to soothe off to film. In the show, Amy plays a journalist Camille Parker, suffering from nervous breakdowns and alcoholism. The girl returned to his hometown to investigate a mysterious murder, but the past is not going to leave her.

Shooting in the series can be considered a return to TV. To appear in the series “Sharp objects” Adams decided out of love to the writer and her works, and the episodes now removed sometimes much better than whole movie.

Like if Amy is her character? “Camille tries, and I like it. However, I’m not sure that would be to communicate with her: she will teach anyone how bad this her penchant for drinking and self-torture. In the book storytelling in General is on behalf of the heroine: if you find yourself in her head. So on the set I specifically read on a few pages, to better get into character”.

Эми Адамс о порядочности и сериале «Острые предметы»
Despite the nature of the “demure”, Amy was not averse to see the “dark” literature for development. “Gillian just advised one study, “a Bright red scream”. The story is about those who cause his cuts, told in the first person. Complete darkness! But I became an expert on the psychology: to understand what is compulsive disorder and why people can’t rest until you get yourself hurt.”

Amy does not consider himself perfect and during the interview found the new diagnosis. “We Aviano fell twice in the hospital due to her injuries, and I couldn’t find any experiences. Like most people, I like to keep everything under control: so that was all good. However, sometimes breaks the grip. I love the fear that you experience on a roller coaster, I love fast driving by car or motorbike. Such an adrenaline rush! You see, and I had an addiction. (Laughs.) Everyone has their own diagnosis.”

These challenging roles require particular impact, so to get out of the way is not easy. Helped with that Amy’s husband and daughter. However, insomnia, the presence of relatives on the set does not help. Thanks to the support and awareness Adams quietly goes into “caring mom and wife.”

By the way, this time Amy is not only a actress but also a producer. “The first time I on both sides: and removed, and try to follow everything. I like just being on the court. Especially nice sometimes to say, “Let’s take a break, eat ice cream, ventilate the room”. Such a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. As you can see, even here I have proved myself a good man”.