Американская телезвезда реалити-шоу «Настоящих домохозяек округа Оринж» Вики Гунвалсон рассталась со Стивеном Лоджом?

Vicki Gunvalson closed all assumptions, denying rumors that she and her fiance Stephen Lodge broke up after a fan asked her about it in social networks.
All is well in lovers ‘ lane between the 57-year-old Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Logon, 61. Businesswoman, well-known personality, a star of the reality show “Real Housewives of orange County” responded to a fan who claimed to have heard some gossip about their relationship and what they think about what you write in the comments section on a photo shoot in Instagram. “I heard a rumor that you and Steve broke up?”, -they asked her.

Американская телезвезда реалити-шоу «Настоящих домохозяек округа Оринж» Вики Гунвалсон рассталась со Стивеном Лоджом?

“It’s true after a year of relationship that you had last year?” The mother of two children stopped, simply saying: “of Course not, Steve together! He just did”. Her cute boyfriend was on one of the pictures with her when they saw the Pacific ocean shortly after a New year has begun … once again proving to her that they’re good with any adversity, living together with each other a few months after he got down on one knee and made her an offer of marriage.
Vicki and Steve met for quite a long time before she announced their engagement in April 2019. Their engagement was aired on the season finale of the show “RHOC 14”, where the main attention was paid to 43 – year-old Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson at Tres Amigas ( 55-year-old Shannon Bedor and 52-year-old Tamra Judd). In the end, things went into decline when Tamra, whose anger towards Kelly continued to increase with the development of episodes, hid in the bushes, where her partner Gina, 35 years, found her in a state of hysteria.
Sphere of life Wiki, which can cause her concern is if she will return to show “RHOC” after her demoted to friend of the wives last year. 51 – year-old Andy Cohen in the American pay-TV network Bravo recently confirmed Jeff Lewis live on Sirius XM that some changes are expected in the 15th season, when the show starts in 2020 that even the main heroine of the TV show don’t feel safe.


“Comments Andy made them all nervous, and they recently said that there is a change of actors,” — said the source close to the production of the show, who shared the news on December 29. “All the ladies of the “RHOC” they say: “We are confident that they will return, but nobody knows for sure!”. Vicki was part of a multi-year reality series since its debut season in 2006.

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