American scientists have calculated the most important character of “Game of thrones”

Американские учёные вычислили самого важного персонажа «Игры престолов»

While fans of the popular HBO series “Game of thrones” languish in doubt as to what character the writers will send to hell in the new season of American mathematics-scientists have calculated who the main character in the series.

Американские учёные вычислили самого важного персонажа «Игры престолов»
After a long period and we do not understand the calculations, they determined that the main character of telephonecompany is Tyrion Lannister, who in the series has embodied Peter Dinklage.
Math Professor Andrew Beveridge vmeste with his disciple Jai Shen has published his research paper titled “the Network of thrones,” in which they described how prepared the books of George Martin and shot him in the series. Scientists have identified three main characters: Jon snow, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa stark, which was chosen the most important.

“Because Tyrion was hand of the king and was at the center of political machinations, we decided that of the three it is the most important character in” said Beveridge.
In the book, George RR Martin, Tyrion – a dwarf with eyes of different colors, the unloved son of Lord Tywin Lannister, who occupied with his family the iron throne. In the new season, which will premiere on April 24, the writers have not made adjustments to the list of scientists.

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