American bride Nikita Dzhigurda turned out to be fake

Американская невеста Никиты Джигурды оказалась фейком The artist refutes his words that he has a girlfriend abroad. After eight years of marriage, Olympic champion in figure skating Marina Anisina filed for divorce from showman. Now, each spouse is ready for a new happy life. Earlier Jim Carrey was talking about how I met an American woman, Lilith, who fully supported it.

      Not so long ago Nikita Dzhigurda was struck by all the fans by the news that he and his wife Marina Anisina divorce. After eight years of marriage, they came to the conclusion that more can’t be around each other. Despite the fact that the couple are going through a difficult period in life, they are full of hope to build beautiful future without each other. As it turned out, Nikita met a beautiful woman, Lilith, and even ready to get married. And future celebration will invite his ex-wife.Such news of his life recently delilia the man himself. Marina Anisina demands a divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda

      Now, however, the artist declares that all information about his beloved, who lives in America is nothing more than a fake. Also he admits that he will never divorce the woman, which is still the Marina Anisina. And all the talk about divorce was created for PR. Now, however, the couple went to court, where their marriage may cease to exist for real.

      It was said that the last time Nikita and Marina did not live together – a famous actor remained in Moscow, and Olympic champion in figure skating, along with two children were in France.

      Now Dzhigurda said the publication of Life that Anisina those lawyer Sergei Zhorin prohibits the Marina to chat with him and supposedly he catapulted information about the change. However, now fans are wondering what Nikita said is true and what is fiction.