Эмбер Херд не будет молчать о разводе с Джонни Деппом The actress refused to sign a confidentiality agreement, according to which it should not disclose the details of the divorce with Depp. Amber heard looks forward to the court hearing, which will take place in mid-August.

      Эмбер Херд не будет молчать о разводе с Джонни Деппом

      Within a few months of tense conversations around the divorce amber heard and johnny Depp. Court hearing on their case was postponed due to the graphics artist. It is expected that it will take place on 15-16 August. Until that time, the star of the film “pirates of the Caribbean” it is forbidden to approach the house amber and somehow to communicate with her. Actor and musician is trying to pretend that nothing happened and devoted himself entirely to touring tour with a group of Hollywood Vampires. Johnny Depp refuses to talk about amber heard

      Hollywood actress is not going to conceal from the public the details of the divorce with Depp. Amber has managed to blame the spouse in the use of physical force, appearing on the doorstep of the court with a bruise taking up half his face. The woman claimed that her husband repeatedly attacked her with his fists. Considering all these factors, Hurd refused to sign a confidentiality agreement, which she was offered johnny, since this document would have forbidden her to disclose the details of the divorce.

      “The divorce process from the very beginning had a wide public resonance. Johnny Depp offers to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of both spouses”, – stated in the document.

      As reported by one of the foreign tabloids, the actor has offered an agreement to the ex-spouse because of the publicity in the media, as well as the requirements to provide personal documents and information about income. However, amber did not like neither one of prompted her ex-husband.

      According to friends of Depp and heard, in their family, many times there is disagreement, as both spouses have a very bad temper. “They are both temperamental and capricious nature with his own opinion on any issue. Views often do not coincide, and people with strong characters it is always hard to admit wrong or to take the first step towards reconciliation. Worse yet, johnny and amber are stubborn and have a tendency to dramatize,” said friends of the couple.

      By the way, Depp was so angry at my wife that he fixed a tattoo, a reminder of her . On the fingers of the right hand of the actor was the inscription “slim”, a nickname for amber. Recently the star of “the Rum diary” got a tattoo “scum”, which means “rubbish”. The master altered two letters of the old inscriptions that adorned the toes johnny.

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