Эмбер Херд проигнорирует судебное заседание

A few hours should be held another hearing regarding domestic violence initiated by Hollywood actress amber heard. A woman claiming that her husband, Hollywood actor johnny Depp is regularly used to beat her up and orally humiliated, it seems, is not going to attend the hearing.

Эмбер Херд проигнорирует судебное заседание
Sources claim that amber is still in London, whereas a few aces she needs to be in the Los Angeles court. Because teleport had not yet been invented, this means that heard not consciously come to the meeting, even knowing that the consequences for her can be very serious.
Lawyer johnny Depp Laura Wasser has asked the court to Hurd was released from questioning, as last time she threw a tantrum and refused to testify against a spouse with whom divorces. In these circumstances, the judge may simply stop the proceedings on domestic violence.

The reluctance of amber to appear in court is quite clear – she will have to answer under oath why twenty-odd employees, helpers and members of the staff never saw her no bruises, no scratches. Sources claim that Hurd, like Depp I wish you to divorce, but the stumbling block is money – pretty woman planned to “milk” famous husband, but johnny also no fool, and is not going to give her a cent for all this scandal with the beating, almost costing him his reputation.

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