Эмбер Херд отдаст все деньги от развода с Деппом

The actress is going to donate to charity a substantial sum.

All the money that amber will get agreement about divorce with johnny Depp, and it is about $ 7 million, will be directed to charity.

“As mentioned earlier in the statement about the divorce, money does not play an important role for me and never played, with the exception of the ability to donate them to charity, – said in a statement the 30-year-old actress. – $7 million will be received by me as a result of the divorce, and this entire amount will be given to charities. It’s more than I donated, but I will continue to make donations in the future.”

According to the statement, the amount will be divided equally between non-profit non-governmental organization “the American Union of protection of civil liberties” defending including the rights of victims of domestic violence, and children’s hospital Los Angeles. “I hope that this will lead to positive changes in the lives of those whom these organizations help,” writes amber.

Such a move, amber can be called a kind of forced, because otherwise her reputation would be very tarnished: after all the accusations against Depp in violence, she couldn’t accept, to $ 7 million – then try to prove that you’re not doing it for the money. Giving money, amber again becomes white and fluffy.

Began the history of divorce in may of this year, the scandal has turned serious after amber accused Depp in that he was “within four years have made verbal and physical abuse” it (the couple formalized marriage in February 2015 after three years of relationship). During these three months the press have been declined the name of Depp, who, by the way, kept calm and the situation does not comment. In the orbit of their scandal tightened and another celebrity – kind of like one of the scandals between Depp and heard were dedicated to the fact that amber cheated on her husband with actor Billy Bob Thornton. 61-year-old Thornton had in an interview with TMZ to say that this information is “absolutely false”.

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