Amber heard was reunited with her lover

Эмбер Херд воссоединилась со своим любовником
Paparazzi caught the actress making out with Elon Musk

Amber heard and Elon Musk

Photo: Social Networks

The reporters managed to shoot amber heard,
which had Breakfast in the restaurant, Home State to Los Feliz — in the company of Elon musk, the famous inventor and
entrepreneur, owner of the state to $ 12 billion. This was
a real surprise, because it was believed that the Mask and the herd broke up in August of this
year. However, last month they were seen together, but then both denied
that resumed his novel. Since then, however, it seems that their relationship has changed:
if the last time they both stayed very hard and kept our distance, not
touching each other, now they were hugging in kkoy-time Elon
pressed amber to her, and she rested her head on his shoulder. And at parting exchanged
a long kiss on the lips.

Musk recently admitted in an interview with Rolling Stone that the decision about the breakup
took it heard, and it broke his heart, “It was very painful, I
suffered long enough. The fact is that when beside me no lover
man, I can’t feel happy. To sleep alone just for me

Recall: Mask fell in love with ember in 2015 year
and asked her on a date. But then he didn’t make it strong enough
experience, and she chose to start Dating johnny Depp, whom soon
married. But when she divorced Depp, Musk made a second attempt
to win her heart, this time more successful. And at the end of last year they
started having an affair. Hurd has confirmed that meets Elon in April 2016. What
it managed the other day to shoot the paparazzi — a single meeting or the beginning of a new round
their romance, only time will tell.