Amber heard was hiding from johnny Depp in the toilet

Эмбер Херд пряталась от Джонни Деппа в туалете
There are new accusations against the spouse of the actress.

Эмбер Херд пряталась от Джонни Деппа в туалете

Photo submitted by counsel, amber heard


Since then, as
last week amber heard has filed for
divorce with johnny Depp, almost every day there are new scandalous
the details of their family history. Here is another “update”: there was another witness, who worked at the time in command of the Depp, which complicated the relations of the spouses were no secret.

An eyewitness, before the trial began, who asked not to disclose his name, shared with
press story, which was observed in 2013. It was in the cabin of the private plane in which Depp was returning from
of her promo tour. The actor then flew to Japan to take part in the advertising
his film “the Lone Ranger”. The film flopped, johnny was
terribly disappointed and, according to the witness, tried to be comforted with
drink, but greatly exceeded the norm. Instead of trying to calm down, he, as a result, began to behave rudely and
aggressive, including in relation to
the accompanying amber. It came to the point that Hurd chose to hide from
him in the plane’s bathroom and stayed there almost until the landing,…

Again spoke
scandal and friend of amber, iO Tillet Wright. She was outraged the other day when in one
from the books I read the statement of the clerk of the house of amber. He said — say, for all the
the years that he knows the actress, never seen any bruises, although amber
and claims that Depp for several years the husband regularly raised
a hand on her. “How much more evidence needs to present the victim,
to believed her?! I own
eyes saw the bruises and scratches many times. And smashed into the blood lip amber, and a large abrasion on his head… I say again,
they are ready to confirm all this under oath!!!” — posted by iO Tillet Wright on his page in the social network.

On the side amber
made and expert on mobile phones. The fact that a few days ago former assistant Depp denied his SMS correspondence with Hurd (published actress),
which contained gruesome details of family conflict. But the expert, having examined iPhone actress, said he believes all the text messages are genuine.

Johnny Depp and amber heard


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