Amber heard wants to all the secret gay Hollywood openly declared themselves

Эмбер Херд мечтает, чтобы все тайные гомосексуалисты Голливуда открыто заявили о себе

In 2010, before meeting with johnny Depp, amber heard has made a sensational confession: the actress announced she’s bisexual. Just note that it happened two years later after she checked their relationship with the photographer and artist Tasya van REE.

Everything flows, everything changes. Interests amber sexually changed after the filming of “the Rum diary”, where she starred with Depp. The couple began an affair, which later led to marriage, and a year later the high-profile divorce.

Now that amber has not officially bound by any relations, she can easily talk about the event that changed her life. According to the actress, she felt complete freedom when he came out: “I’m just honestly answered a reporter’s question. And the expression on his face, realized that he had done a great job. The poor publicist. Then he realized the gravity of his act, because Studio executives, agents, consultants didn’t want that to happen. Attached to me a certain “label”. I never thought that I will have to define the man, next to which are”, — said heard at the summit on the rights of sexual minorities, “Pride and prejudice” (Pride & Prejudice) in new York.

Your example amber was used as an example, wanting to support all the people who have already admitted their unconventional views, and proposed to speak openly about the personal, without fear of becoming the object of discussion: “Standing here among the romantics and feel one of many. If you want to reflect the world around you, you have to tell his story – it will challenge the status quo. If every gay person I personally know in Hollywood would come out tomorrow and say about yourself, then after a month like that would be irrelevant”.