Amber heard talked about life after her breakup with johnny Depp

Эмбер Херд рассказала о жизни после расставания с Джонни Деппом

Actress amber heard talked about her life after breaking up with johnny Depp. 31-year-old star spoke about his beliefs, but the direct relations an actor has not spread. Hurd gave an interview to a foreign magazine GQ.

“I’m incredibly lucky that I am in a situation where I can help people. This is due to the fact that my life now belongs not only to me, it is not personal. Anonymity has no more strength, and all your actions or words don’t belong to you,” says the actress.

The star insisted he had always tried to live according to conscience, not for the sake of popularity. “I’ve always tried to live right. Everything I aspire in life, never was connected with the desire to be popular and please everyone. It is incomparable with the desire to live honestly, with dignity and pride,” says Hurd.

Ember has filed for divorce with johnny Depp, accusing him of “physical and moral violence.” The girl long tolerated such antics your supruga and tried to change the situation, but decided that it is time to stop this hate and move on. “Understanding that comes after the life test you strength. It’s hard, but growth occurs and comes to equilibrium. Impossible to stay angry with it. It doesn’t matter if my decisions are not understood, it is important that I always acted according to conscience.” the star admits.

The famous actress, who is currently engaged in the promotion of blockbuster about Aquaman, could not comment on the sex scandal, Harvey Weinstein.” All I can say: I am grateful for all my projects and for me not for the drama that is happening now in Hollywood.” says the actress.

Divorce documents the actress filed in may 2016, after all, are unable to continue to tolerate domestic violence. In proof of incidents, ember is not afraid to publish the pictures of the beatings on his face. “In December, 2015 has been a very serious incident, then I really got scared for my life.” said the actress. The documents were filed in court may 21. In them the actress said about the last quarrel, in consequence of which grabbed her by the hair, pushed to the ground, hit hard in the eye and on the cheek, and then threw her mobile phone.